Saturday, January 31, 2015


Kamusta ka pamila mo,

Life here at the MTC is Maayong Gid.(very good) I miss everyone so much and love all your support. I feel your prayers for me every day. I just got back from the temple today. We go every single week. I wish I was there to support Chris but I know he will do well. Thanks dad for the Lakers updates I hope to know more soon.  Time is flying here at the MTC, it may not be over there but I am already a week and a half in to my MTC experience. Language is going fantastic I can fluently pray,testify and I have already taught 4 lessons in all Ilango (Hiligaynon). And I still have 5 weeks to go.:) I cant wait to go to the Philippines. I hear it is beautiful and the people are loving, caring, and overall fantastic. I hear from my teachers that served in the Philippines that I have an apartment not a hut. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sad that I am going to miss the Super Bowl but it will be worth it, no one good is playing any way. I have had 2 devotionals and Brother Allan head of MTC relations spoke and Elder Kacher from the second presidency of the seventy spoke. Both were inspiring, spiritual, and uplifting talks. 

FYI my P-day in the MTC is Friday and in the field it will be Monday. I know it will be a change LOL. There is also this website called and you can send you emails to me and the MTC prints them, I just cant respond until P-day. Um... I will check on that website but I don't know if i am able to access it. I will try though. This is really the best thing I can do with my time. And I know that everyone will be blessed for it. The food here is great and I cant find one wrong thing yet. 

Church on Sunday was so great because I could actually hear the speakers and I didnt have any crying babies or people staring at me. My branch presidency is the best group I could every ask for. If anyone has the chance go see Meet the Mormons. It is the best movie and it explains our religion so easily. Yes, I saw a movie but we can only see that movie after Sunday nights devotional because we cant go to our residence before 9:30. In my room I share with my companion from Leighton Utah, Elder Benedict Comberbatch... LOL key and Peele. HAHAHAH. 

Also Elder Faamoe who is from New Zeland and gave up a 2 million dollar contract to play rugby to go on a mission. My last room mate is Elder Dapat who is from the Philippines. I have 9 missionaries  in my class and 6 of those 9 are going to Bacolod so we have become great friends. We leave on March 5th and we have an 18 hr flight to Tokyo Japan, we have a layover there for 6 hrs and then we have a 6 hr flight from Tokyo to Manila then we fly to Bacolod. That will be a crazy day and we have to wake up at 3am for our flight. OH THE JOY, LOL.

I progress every day and I am always interested in learning new things. I have 5 teachers brother Waggoner, Brother Stacey, Brother Ruffuferd, Brother Stott,and Sister Wignall. They have helped so much and its fantastic.

Kabalo ako nga magtoud ang libro ni mormon. Kabalo ako nga inportante ang magpangamuyo. Kabalo ako nga JesuKristo buhi. Kabalo ako nga ang propeta si Thomas S. Monson. Kabalo ako nga importante mga pamila namon. Kog nagpalubanik si Joesph Smith sang engbanhelyo sa dios.  This will all make sense when I have more time to explain it and my vocab is much bigger. this is the greatest experiance I will ever have cant wait to hear from everyone. You are all in my prayers everyday and I pray about 10 times a day at least. I love you all and will talk to you next Friday. Take advantage of that if you want me to read your emails the day you send it. Again I love and miss you all like crazybut I know we will all come closer to the lord and as a family because of my decision and dediccation to serve a mission. Halong.
Nagapinalongonon,(with love/loving)
Elder Evans 

It is pretty neat to see his testimony in Ilango. Spencer's testimony can be translated in google translate.  It is pretty Awesome!!!!------Mom

Friday, January 23, 2015

First Email! Yay!

Hi family,
Mtc life is fantastic. I have met so many new people and I am learning the language really well. I pray for you all every night and I cant wait to share more. I love you all and will talk to you soon. 
Elder Evans

Philippines Flag
Short and sweet!  Can't wait until next week. --Mom

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Adventure Begins!

Elder Evans has now started his "Exceptional Efforts" in serving the Lord.  Before entering the MTC, we took a few pictures on the Provo Temple grounds across the street.

Elder Evans and Mom
Elder Evans and Dad
Looking good, Elder Evans!
 He entered the MTC yesterday, January 21, 2015.  He is very excited and is ready to learn the language and the culture.

Elder Evans was met by another missionary that helped him bring his luggage into the MTC.  The missionary asked Elder Evans if he was ready to go and he said, "Yep, lets do it!"

   Be sure to check back each week for his letters and pictures of his adventures.