Saturday, February 28, 2015

One More Week!

Kamusta (hello) everyone,

This week is going to be a very crazy week. I leave the MTC in 6 days and I am going to Tokyo. Then to Manila. This week has been awesome just getting more fluent at the language and getting ready to leave. I just had infield orientation yesterday and that was awesome. If anyone knows who Elder Christensen from the District is, I got to meet him yesterday and that was fun because he is a very fun, entertaining guy.

 I appreciate all the letters you have sent me. I hope I get more. Nicolas that is an amazing score. 39!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep going. Meaghen I cant believe you got called to be the Beehive president. Enjoy it. It doesn't last long. I promise that it will be a very spiritual experience for you.

I got to attend a devotional on Tuesday where brother Cassue of the Presiding Bishopric spoke and that was a great devotional because he spoke with such power and it was great to get someone other than the 70. HAHAH. 

Time here is flying and I cant believe that in one week I will be in Bacolod preaching the gospel. I found out that we are in Manila because our visa is only for 3 months so we stop there to extend it for 2 years.  I will miss the MTC because I haven't felt the spirit this strong everyday ever before.

 I got to teach my second Skype lesson yesterday and I taught a member Annie. She was great and had a great spirit. My teacher brother Winfield spoke to her after and she said that me and my companion Elder Benedict had great companionship unity, and we made the lesson very personable. My teacher said that that was one of the best lessons he has seen in the MTC in a while.  They gives me so much confidence knowing that I can teach the gospel in a different language and with power and authority.

Hey mom I know its a long shot but if you could send a bug net to me before Thursday that would be amazing. I got the package with the socks and I love them. Me and my roommates have eaten all the treats and I wear the socks all the time. I am glad to hear that everything is going great at home, Dad thanks again for keeping me posted on sports. That is one of the hardest things not being able to have on a mission. I have no problems with anything else but sports is so hard to give up for me.  I have been taking a lot of pictures and I will have so many pictures in the Tokyo airport. It is so scary to think that today was the last day I will be in a U.S. temple for 23 months. I am so excited to leave the MTC. I know that when I leave the MTC that the time will fly 3X as fast.  

I'm sorry if some of you are offended because I send you "short" emails. I only have one hour and in that one hour I am only sending one huge mass email to my mom and then she will pass the word to all of you guys. I love you but I don't get as much time as I wish I had. I am proud to say that I have gained 10 pounds since I entered the MTC and 6 out of the 10 pounds is food. The other 4 is muscle from the weight room here at the MTC. I also want to apologize now but when I get to the Philippines most of my emails will be Illongo because when I get the field I will be speaking so much Illongo that I will forget a lot of English so I will try and translate as best as I can.

This last week will fly so fast but I know that I will be ready when I get to the Philippines and I cant wait to go there and get started. I heard that my new mission president is a great guy and I cant wait to get to know him. As I have been here as a district leader it has been so hard to be a leader but I have learned good qualities that I will be able to take and use in the Philippines that will help bless investigators lives.  I was able to host again this week and it is always crazy to think that 6 weeks ago that was me entering the MTC at the start of my mission. If you guys wanna see real life Filipino life watch on YouTube the video "One call, Bacolod City" it is a very spiritual video and uplifting to see how difficult it is to survive in the Philippines due to the poverty that is there.

Along with the language I have learned so much new doctrine of the gospel that I didn't know before.I cant wait to hear from you all soon. Hey mom. One more thing my teacher who went to Bacolod said it would be smart to have jeans. So could you please send a pair of my dark blue hawk jeans. If you could do that, that would be awesome. I pray for all of you everyday and I miss you all so much and thank you for your support that you all have for me. It means so much to me.

Palangga taka permi (Love always),
Elder Evans

Friday, February 20, 2015

I'm a District Leader!!!

Hi everyone,

This has been a jam packed week this week. I was finally able to do my first Skype lesson to the Philippines this week and it was the coolest experience I have had on my mission so far. I was able to go to 2 devotionals and we heard from Elder Allan who is in charge of MTC opporations, and Elder Larry Johnson of the 70. I have also been assigned to be the District leader of my district for the last 2 weeks of my MTC stay. 

Can you believe that 2 weeks from today I will be in the Philippines. WOW!!!!!!!! Grandma and Grandpa I am glad you got my letter and I will continue to write to people. Please keep sending dear elders to me I love receiving mail:) 

This week 2 Cebuano districts that I grew really close to left for Cebu on Wednesday and that was really hard because on a mission you don't have family so your zone pretty much becomes your family and it was so hard to say goodbye to elders and sisters that I have only known for 4 weeks.

The language is coming along great and I couldn't be happier than I am right now.  As of 4 weeks in the MTC starting my 5th week last wedn. I am 80% fluent in the language and I is like REALLY hard to write to you guys in English.

The Yeates family thank you so much for you V-day package the cookies were fantastic. Phelps family same to you.Mom I did get your package and I have not yet ate the treats but I have them saved. The grey suit I have that you all are wondering about, remember the elder that left a rugby contract to go on a mission. well he brought 4 suits and didn't want it and now because I have such an awesome roommate I now am a proud owner of a suit that was made in Australia.

I  was also able to host the new missionaries coming in and that was scary to see how fast time flys. That one day brought back the past 4 weeks of my mission, and how fast it has gone. I was also able to see Chris Reyes in the MTC and that was amazing because the MTC is so big and to be able to see him walking to class was a very astig( cool) feeling knowing that I have a friend from home in the MTC with me and I think we leave on the same day because English speaking missionaries only have 2 weeks. That would be cool to talk to him all the way to the airport.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 I am praying that you make Varsity Nicolas you will have so much fun no matter what team you are on. Meaghen keep at those service hours they will greatly improve your life. Aunt Tracy I will be sending you a letter soon, I have been so busy because here in the MTC we don't have anytime to sit down and relax. 

I am doing great and I cant wait to here from you guys soon. I hope to get letters from everyone because I loved all the notes and letters and packages for Valentines Day. They were all so sweet. I will be getting my travel plans soon and when I do I will let you know. 

I have just uploaded more photos and on is a picture of my new mission president and my 6 teachers all know him from their missions and they said he is loving,caring, excited to talked to and all around a great guy that will do anything to keep me safe. Also another picture is me my companion and my branch president. I will continue to keep in touch as much as possible. Anyway I gotta go I love you all and pray for everyone daily. Hope to hear from you soon.;) 

palangga ninyo,
Elder Evans

Saturday, February 14, 2015

1/2 Way There!!

Elder Benedict and Elder Evans - Companions
Kamusta pamilya mo,
    This week has been truly amazing. I went to the temple and did sealings and that was an amazing experience. I was also privalaged to hear from Elder Wilson of the 70 in a devotional and boy was he fantastic. He talked about how the Book of Mormon is the best part for conversion and a key part of that as well.

     I am glad to hear that everything is going well. Meaghen congrats on getting you community service hours if you stay with it, that honor will take you far in school. Nicolas congrats on making the varsity team that is a huge honor and you will keep the varsity golf Evans line going. Mom I have not yet skyped the Philippines yet. That is this upcoming Tuesday and i am so excited. The language is coming along great and I never would have thought that the language would be this easy. But I know that if I stay close to the Lord that I can do anything he needs me to. 

Mom, if you have any Nabisco goodies that you want to send up I have 12 elders here that would love to have some because I know how much you want to get rid of it.  I am in a district of 9 and 76* of them are coming to Bacolod with me. Elder Benedict, me, Sister Schultz, Sis Allegretti, Sis Vonotabua, Sis Marriott, and Sis Lewis. We leave on the 5th of March and it will take us 13 hrs to fly but Filipino time it will take us 2 days to get from Provo to Manila. THAT's CRAZY HUH.!!!!!!!!

 I love being here in the MTC and wow how time fly's. Meaghen my room is great I sleep great and I only share the room with 4 elders all from my district. The food here is great and my branch presidency is everything that I could ask for and more.

This Wednesday is going to be really hard for me, because I have to say goodbye to all the Cebuano missionaries that leave for the Philippines. I have grown so close to all of them and we have all had our laughs. They are fantastic people and I will miss them like crazy. 

So I have a joke for you guys.....
Why couldn't the ocean go to heaven...
Because it was tubig  asin**.... hahahaha
tubig in Illango is Water and asin is salt. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cant believe that I have only 3 weeks left of the MTC wow it is crazy. I love you all and i cant wait to hear from you. The dear  elders help me so much and gives me more time on pday to write instead of read. SO PLEASE keep dear elder. ALSO, PLZ SEND ME SOME NABISCO TREATS BECAUSE WE WOULD LIKE TO HELP YOU EAT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Evans

*I ment to say 6 of the 9 not 76 LOL - Elder Evans
**pronounced "too big a sin" :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Say Cheese!

Spencer and his Companion at the Provo Temple.

More pictures of Spencer and the "Philippines" group.

Friday, February 6, 2015

MTC Life is Great!

Kamusta pamila ko,
I am having so much fun here and am feeling the spirit so strong. I love the spirit I feel here and I finally can say I am a true disciple of Christ. Tell grandma and grandpa Evans I love them and miss them. Tell grandma and grandpa rimington thanks for the email, it lifted me up spiritually when I read it. Plz keep writing to me through dear because then it will be easier to email everyone in the one hr that I have. I am officially 2 weeks in and I am learning the language faster than I ever thought possible. I went to the temple today and it was amazing.  I cant wait to hear from everyone and I love and pray for everyone.Tell aunt julie that the cookies were amazing and if you want to send me anything you know my address...:) I cant wait next week we get to skype someone in the Philippines and teach them. I was scared at first but how fast I am picking up the language I will do great.
palangga, (love)
ELder Evans

The "" that Spencer is talking about is a web site that provides printed emails to the Elders daily at the MTC instead of them having to wait until their "Prep" day to read them on the computer.  If you go to you can send an email to Spencer and he will receive a printed copy of it in his "mail cubby" the same day.  All the information you will need to send an email is listed in his mailing address above.  Thank you for all your emails to Spencer and for your support in Spencer's wonderful adventure!