Friday, February 20, 2015

I'm a District Leader!!!

Hi everyone,

This has been a jam packed week this week. I was finally able to do my first Skype lesson to the Philippines this week and it was the coolest experience I have had on my mission so far. I was able to go to 2 devotionals and we heard from Elder Allan who is in charge of MTC opporations, and Elder Larry Johnson of the 70. I have also been assigned to be the District leader of my district for the last 2 weeks of my MTC stay. 

Can you believe that 2 weeks from today I will be in the Philippines. WOW!!!!!!!! Grandma and Grandpa I am glad you got my letter and I will continue to write to people. Please keep sending dear elders to me I love receiving mail:) 

This week 2 Cebuano districts that I grew really close to left for Cebu on Wednesday and that was really hard because on a mission you don't have family so your zone pretty much becomes your family and it was so hard to say goodbye to elders and sisters that I have only known for 4 weeks.

The language is coming along great and I couldn't be happier than I am right now.  As of 4 weeks in the MTC starting my 5th week last wedn. I am 80% fluent in the language and I is like REALLY hard to write to you guys in English.

The Yeates family thank you so much for you V-day package the cookies were fantastic. Phelps family same to you.Mom I did get your package and I have not yet ate the treats but I have them saved. The grey suit I have that you all are wondering about, remember the elder that left a rugby contract to go on a mission. well he brought 4 suits and didn't want it and now because I have such an awesome roommate I now am a proud owner of a suit that was made in Australia.

I  was also able to host the new missionaries coming in and that was scary to see how fast time flys. That one day brought back the past 4 weeks of my mission, and how fast it has gone. I was also able to see Chris Reyes in the MTC and that was amazing because the MTC is so big and to be able to see him walking to class was a very astig( cool) feeling knowing that I have a friend from home in the MTC with me and I think we leave on the same day because English speaking missionaries only have 2 weeks. That would be cool to talk to him all the way to the airport.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 I am praying that you make Varsity Nicolas you will have so much fun no matter what team you are on. Meaghen keep at those service hours they will greatly improve your life. Aunt Tracy I will be sending you a letter soon, I have been so busy because here in the MTC we don't have anytime to sit down and relax. 

I am doing great and I cant wait to here from you guys soon. I hope to get letters from everyone because I loved all the notes and letters and packages for Valentines Day. They were all so sweet. I will be getting my travel plans soon and when I do I will let you know. 

I have just uploaded more photos and on is a picture of my new mission president and my 6 teachers all know him from their missions and they said he is loving,caring, excited to talked to and all around a great guy that will do anything to keep me safe. Also another picture is me my companion and my branch president. I will continue to keep in touch as much as possible. Anyway I gotta go I love you all and pray for everyone daily. Hope to hear from you soon.;) 

palangga ninyo,
Elder Evans

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