Friday, February 6, 2015

MTC Life is Great!

Kamusta pamila ko,
I am having so much fun here and am feeling the spirit so strong. I love the spirit I feel here and I finally can say I am a true disciple of Christ. Tell grandma and grandpa Evans I love them and miss them. Tell grandma and grandpa rimington thanks for the email, it lifted me up spiritually when I read it. Plz keep writing to me through dear because then it will be easier to email everyone in the one hr that I have. I am officially 2 weeks in and I am learning the language faster than I ever thought possible. I went to the temple today and it was amazing.  I cant wait to hear from everyone and I love and pray for everyone.Tell aunt julie that the cookies were amazing and if you want to send me anything you know my address...:) I cant wait next week we get to skype someone in the Philippines and teach them. I was scared at first but how fast I am picking up the language I will do great.
palangga, (love)
ELder Evans

The "" that Spencer is talking about is a web site that provides printed emails to the Elders daily at the MTC instead of them having to wait until their "Prep" day to read them on the computer.  If you go to you can send an email to Spencer and he will receive a printed copy of it in his "mail cubby" the same day.  All the information you will need to send an email is listed in his mailing address above.  Thank you for all your emails to Spencer and for your support in Spencer's wonderful adventure!

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