Monday, March 23, 2015

Slowly Getting Adjusted

This week has gotten a lot better.  I know this is where I need to be and the people here are great. The ward is amazing and food here is good because its SO sugary.

Tell everyone that I cant get "dear elder" mail any more so regular email is the only way. I am glad that everything at home is going well.  Also could you have grandma and grandpa send more candy BC that is what is kinda keeping me alive because I eat so much and the people here have so little food. that would be awesome. 

Here is the info to send:

Elder Evans
Philippines Bacolod Mission
Galo street between lacson and Madini
Bacolod City 6100

Put it just like that and then it will go to the mission office and then they send it to me. That is what they have said to do.

I love that everything is going great and that you guys pray for me because I really need it. But anyway, I got my first 2 baptisms this week and that was an amazing experience to be able to confirm them members. Tell meaghen that I am really proud of her same as Nicolas.

Other than the language I am adjusted.  I can speak in lessons but they speak so fast that I cant respond because I dont know what they said. I love being a missionary and everything I get to do and the people I meet I just feel likje I will never understand the language.I have learned how to wash laundry by hand and it is easier then I thought it would be. I miss you so much and cant wait to here for you again. Also, make a skype account ASAP so that we can skype on mothers day. I love you and will talk to you next week.
Elder EVans

**Art work by (c) Melonheadz

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