Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Lesson in Life

Things went much better with my comapnion this week.  I have been having personal study on charity and the one thing Ive learned on a mission so far is patience and love.  Things are going good,  one of our investigators dropped us because he said he was already baptized and hes not changing! That was hard to hear but we all have free agency and God knows their heart.  Some of our investigators have been struggling with Word of Wisdom problems so we are working with them.

Church yesterday was good.  I have a hard time with their singing because they sing so differently.  It kind of irritates me, but I practice the hymns every night because elder wade has them on a flash drive.  Tell Dad next week is a manny paquio fight so no one will be at church even the strongest members.  the bishop stays home too so I am not sure how church is going to go or what me and elder wade are going to do.  I'll let you know next week.

So I am doing better with food tho.... with ideas like eggs and ham sandwhich it helps.  we have to trike everywhere instead of walking so my oatmeal breakfast is the best to keep me going.

my time is up so I need to go.  don't forget to set up the skype account.   LOVE YOU TONS AND TONS

Elder evans

ps--no pictures this week, but found some from the MTC that I forgot to send.

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