Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Little Bump in the Road


First baptism in Philippines

This week was really hard.   I am having a hard time with my companion.  We did have 3 investigators come to church and the lessons are going great.

The rest of my service is great.  The people and the languauge is coming great.
This week, other than my issues with my companion, has been a blast. We have 17 investigators with baptism dates, 2 refferals to be contacted, and we have had 3 baptisms and we will have weekly baptisms from here on out. I am so happy with the progress and i love my area.  I love you so much and thank you for your prayers and willingness to send me stuff.

Love,Elder evans

****Questions asked by Mom and Dad****
Dad:  Do you get to see any of your MTC friends?
Elder Evans:  Only one of the 6 are in my district.

Mom:  Do you get to go to any district meetings?
Elder Evans:   I will next week at follow up training.

Mom:  What have you been eating?
Elder Evans:  Raman and oatmeal. They have nothing else that I am used to.  I am starting to want other things.

Mom:  Can you get rice and beans?
Elder Evans:  I have rice and no beans.

At the Manila, Philippines Temple

***For a little explanation on Spencer's comments last week about his deleted photos:  I did not delete his photos that he uploaded.  I downloaded them onto a CD and then deleted the ones on the website so he would have space to download more. All is well :)

Spencer....uh Elder Evans was finally able to send us pictures from travels to the Philippines with his other Bacolod Missionaries:

Getting passed the TSA guards! :)

Waiting in the terminal

Airplane food . . . . .YUM!

Ready for Take-off

Pictures from his stay at the Philippines MTC:
View from his MTC room in Manila

On the streets of Bacolod City

Elder Wade and Elder Evans

Church Meeting House in Manila

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