Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

HEy mom,

Life here is getting better and better each week.I cant believe I am already 4 weeks in. Wow how time fly's. I do need jeans so sending that with the calendar will be great. I have not recived the package but we only get supplies every Tuesday so we will see.:0 

This week was great because we had 6 investigators attend church out of like 30. That was hard but everyone has agency. The language is coming great. I can speak to the natives and they understand but when they respond I still wish I could speak English.

We went on my first companion exchange this week and that was a testimony builder for me to show me that I know more illonggo then I give myself credit for.

I cant wait for conference this week. I am keeping a journal and I look back at my days in the MTC and it is crazy to see how much I have changed. I will send pictures next week because I forgot the cord for the camera. Give Christie a shout out for me because she really wants one.

Out of our 30 investigators all are progressing in lessons but officially only 6 progress because they went to church. I cant wait for the calander and I love hearing from you guys.  TEll dad thanks for the sports updates I really love seeing those. LIfe is great and I cant wait to here from you soon.
LOve you TONS,
ELder EVans

***Some answers (finally) to questions asked in previous emails:
Mom:  So what is your living place like?  You never told us.  Unless you don't want to!! hee! hee!
Spencer: Life at my place is awesome I forgot my camera cable so I will send pics next week. It is so big and I have so much space more than I thought.

Mom:  So are your investigators families or singles?
Spencer: They are a mix of both alot of investigators are married to less active members.

Mom: How are things with your companion?
Spencer:  Life is great and my companion keeps telling me thyat I will be an AP zone leader or district leader soon.

Mom:  Do you have transfers coming up?
Spencer: I am still in training for this transfer (2 more weeks) and one more trandfer (6 weeks) then I may get tranfered but I know an elder who is still in his first are for like 5 months.

**So it sounds like Elder Evans is adjusting just fine and has jumped in with both feet and hit the road running.**

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