Sunday, May 31, 2015

Transfers today . . . .l get to stay in Sagay!

Transfers were today and I am still here in Sagay. The language is getting easier and I baptized my favorite investigator so far on Thursday.  She is my favorite because she is so sweet and loves to be around us and she was so receptive.

***Spencer didn't give me her name but she looks completely happy and also with her family in the picture below***
Did you hear the news about elder perry.  Pretty sad about him passing away.  He had thyroid cancer for the past 2 months.

Philippine fields
Saturday was stake conference and I met elder bowen of the quorum of the 70.  He spoke to us about church councils and ward councils and being united.  It was a really good conference.

So you said Nicolas is getting ready to take his permit test?  thats awesome. Isnt scary hes that old!!  Good luck, Nicolas.

We have been told that we are the top baptizing mission in the world and I think that is my favorite part of my mission so far.  I love baptisms.  It is so great to see the happiness of the people when they get baptized!

Villajuan Family

We are teaching a family, the Villajuan's, and they went to church the first week we met them and said they want to be baptized... then they started to have doubts because a member bragged about how much he gave in tithes and offerings and this family is struggling to survive.  It is difficult to see that and hard to take when they were ready to join the church.  Well, like you said mom, just love them and help them feel Heavenly Father's love.  Sometimes that is all we can do.

Pic from wedding last week
Well, that is it for now.  Love you all very much. see you next week.:) talk actually lol

Elder evans

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Exchanges and a Wedding!!

Beautiful landscape
So this week was a good week. We had zone conference this week and it was so inspirational. This week killed our work because I got the 24 hour bug but I am all good now. Tomorrow we have missionary exchanges because Elder Wade is District leader so that will be a fun experience.

View as we walk to homes

How is everything at home. I am hoping to get the package tomorrow because the supply elders come tomorrow.:) I really need those razors!! I dont have any new pictures but I promise I will next week. Yesterday was a sad night becasue one of my favorite elders in my zone got transfered this morning and I will miss him becasue he was like a brother to me:( 

Some exciting news . . . . . . ..WE HAVE A WEDDING TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to witness my first wedding in my life. It should be really neat.  I had a few growing opportunities this week with my companion but I know with the help of the Lord I can do anything and get over any hurddle.
Showing support of local favorite! :)
  I love you all and will talk to you next week. I love you so much and cant wait to hear from you.:)
Elder Evans

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Back Into Teaching Mode!

Beauty of the Philippines
Hello family!  It has been another great week.  I taught my first gospel doctrines class yesterday.  It was a pretty small group of only like 12 members.  I was a little nervous but I think it went ok.  I taught on the priesthood organization.  Its so much easier now that I can speak the language and I am starting to understand much more of the members and people.

We had a little bummer this week. Our investigator that was suppose to be baptized this week didnt show up to church so we have to wait 4 more weeks.  Our mission president has a rule that investigators need to go to church 4 weeks straight.  He wants to make sure that they are serious in their desire to become a member of the church.

 On the bright side, I am able to share personal experiences now with our investigators because I am much better with the language. Im so

So the pictures of the goats that I sent last week were just because they are just so small and cute and you dont see that everyday.  I just had to take their picture. Also the pictures of me in the pit is some of the service we have been doing with a member.  It was the beginning of their bathroom!

Please let everyone know that I love the emails they are sending.  But, an hour is not enough time to email everyone.  I love you all and grateful for your emails.

Well, that is about it for this week.  Love you all a lot.

Elder evans
My newest "investigator". Baby piggy

So want this "trike" to take home.  We ride these some
times to get to and from places.

Walking to our next appointment.

Local "sunscreen".  Just wear a hat. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day Skype Call

District Meeting
Since we got to Skype with Spencer, he did not send an email. (Which was totally OK with me! :) He looked great and sounded great and was smiling and it was just an all around FANTABULOUS call.

He said that he has 17 investigators and is having a baptism next week.  He is still working on the language but is doing well.  It was so hot and humid over there that when we were talking with him he was constantly wiping his face with his "sweat towel".  He said that this month is the hottest month of the year so he is enduring the heat!

We asked him about the typhoon that hit the islands and he said that his island is sort of protected by the other islands around him so they just get heavy rain from the typhoons, none of the damage that goes along with it.  That was good to hear!!

Six week checkup and training at mission home with MTC group.
We also asked about the "trikes" that he rides and he said it was a motorcycle with a side car that can fit 6 people.  Apparently it is ment for 4 people but the philippines have a saying, "there is room for one more" and they fit as many on as possible.  I would love to see a picture of that!!

Here are the pictures that he sent this week.  I must say, I really like his new hair cut.  Short and spiffy looking!!!

View from the back of the bus!

On the bus on the way to district meeting

Fellow "walkers" along the side of the roads.

Local family pets!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Short but Sweet

This week was great. I finaaly got grandmas package.:) !!!!  Thank you grandma and grandpa!  The weather is very humid but feels loike home.  sounds crazy but is really true.

Teaching went great this week and we are now going on member splits.  We had a member help out with the lessons and he did a great job.  I am picking up on the language extremly fast so it is making teaching the investigators easier.

Next week I get to skype with you!!!!  I will be at a little internet cafe around 6pm your time. Make sure you have the computer on and ready at 6.  Since Elder Wade has a different time zone, I might be calling around 6 or anytime after that.  I can't wait to talk with you.

I don't have too much to say this week.  I need to go shopping and then do our washing of clothes by hand, which is really fun, and then we head out to work at 6.  No rest for the busy!!!

Love you guys and make sure you have the computer ready at 6 next sunday.

elder evans

***Apparently he forgot his cord and camera again so we do not have any pictures this week. :(