Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fast Week........Slow Progress!

We are guessing these are candied apples, but not positive!!
My favorite investigator is now a recent convert. This week went by super fast it feels like last monday was yesterday. I have been having very good personal studies lately and learning that fasting as a missionary isnt easy.  I cant go one second here without water becasue it is so hot.  But I am working on fasting and getting the water I need.  I hope that your package comes this week. Supplies schedule has been thrown off becasue of all the trainings. I hope you all have been doing good.

Church was good yesterday.  The lesson went well.  It is just so different here in the phillipines.  The ward isnt organized as fully as back home because its so new.  They have relief society, young men/young women, and priesthood.  But young mens president isnt active so it makes it hard.  We are constantly working on retention of the members.  They do get offended very easily here and they hold on to it for years.  But the work goes on and we continue to love and support them.

I read about Nicolas and his permit.  Also saw the picture of him in the car.  That is so freaky!!!  Also, since he is going on "Trek" youth conference this weekend, tell him to do everything and dont sit out on anything.  It will be a good experience for him.

Progress was kind of slow last week because Elder Wade got sick so we had like 3 days of no work. But I have been working on the language and the natives say I am 2 months away from fluent!! :)

Well that is all for now.  Talk with ya next week!

Elder Evans

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