Sunday, June 21, 2015


My new area is in the south end of the island
Guess what...I TRANSFERRED!!  I am headed to the south part of the island...i forgot the name so I will email you next week the name and my companion's name. I am on splits with another companionship because my new companion didnt come down with me .... transffers are very hecktic around here.  I am p-daying (prep day) in Bacolod because it is a 3 hour ride to my new area.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, dad!  I miss you and love you.

So Dad told me that Golden State won...... YEAH!  I did not want Lebron to win.  Don't like him.

The rainy season has started so its getting colder, thankfully. I still get wet, but it is rain and not sweat! LOL   So I have been told that there is a washing machine in the new area apartment and I am sooooo excited.  No more washing by hand!  LOL

Well, this is short because I have to leave as soon as the jeepny gets here to take us south.  It is kinda like a taxi but looks like a bus.  So, I love all of you and thank you all for your letters and emails.  Please keep sending them.  They really mean a lot.

Image result for philippine jeepney
Philippine Jeepny...always room for one more!
Talk with ya next week!

Elder Evans

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