Sunday, July 12, 2015

I Have a Lot of Pics this Week!!

Last baptism in Sagay
So Mom said she wanted pics, so here they are!!  The first one is from my last area, Sagay.  This is the couple that married and baptized within a week.  Crazy but fun.  I also decided to take a picture of my place so you all can see the lush life that I live in! hahaha  I share a place with 2 elders and me and my companion.  So four guys in one place.  Pretty clean, considering!!
Our "family" room
I am still trying to learn the area so I am considered the newbie in this area.  I really love my area! Things are going well with me and Elder Cancel and we are trying our best to bring our less active brothers and sisters back to church.  They pretty much feel that as long as they are fine and praying that that is all they need to do.  So we pray with them and for them.  Your prayers are great too!

Home, Sweet Home!!
I really don't have much else going on.  We did have zone conference, which is a meeting with all the missionaries in  our "zone", which is my area, Hinigan, and two others, Binilbagan and Isabela.  It was a lot of learning but we had some fun afterwards.
All the misionaries in my "Zone".

Well, I love you all and miss you, but I know that I am where I need to be and that you will be blessed too!
Elder Evans

Me, Elder Cancel, and another Elder on our way home from Zone Conf.

Thought this was good.  Where will you spend your eternity??

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