Sunday, August 2, 2015

Short and Sweet!

Farmland from Sagay
Hey mom,

I had a great week. We still have alot of struggling inactive's but with the Lords help we can reactivate them:) I love you guys so much and hope you're having fun:) It feels weird to email you knowing you won't read this until Friday. But its ok because you are with family that is what's important. 

This week went by so fast and it only gets faster... I guess thats a good thing...LOL I dont have any new pictures...:) It's hard in the city because I have taken pics of everything in Hinigaran.:)  Some bad news I think I have an ingrown toenail and it hurts but I am talking to the mission nurse about it:)

Nothing new is really going on here except for the less-active's:)  Anyway I finally got G&G Evans' package so if I were you I would send my birthday package now if you haven't already:)** I cant wait to hear from you guys soon:) It's hard to talk but I am on everyday for online prosyliting and that is more successful then actual prosyliting lol. 
Picture from last area, Sagay

This area is fun but I really miss Sagay because I miss the members and my recently baptized members I was close with them and I will keep that friendship forever.:) I was able to Facebook chat with Meaghen and Nicolas since you are out of town and that was pretty cool.:)  Anyway enjoy the cruise and I hope to see some pictures soon:)
ELder EVans

***Mom note:  Always the little boy at heart!!  Wants to make sure he gets his birthday present! :)  And, yes, we have sent his birthday box already.  We just hope that it gets delivered in time.  The mail service in the Philippines is VERY slow! :)

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