Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Good Week of News!!

Hello Family!

On our way to a baptismal interview!
So I got some really good news this week.  I was able to talk to the missionaries that took my place in Sagay.  The told me that my favorite family that I was working with, the family that got offended by someone's comments at church, were baptized!!  I was so excited!  I really love that family and really happy about their baptism!  It made my day.

Some other cool news is that my companion gave me a surprise birthday party.  It was pretty neat and helped to make my birthday a good one.  We were at zone training and after the training was done he brought in pizza and cake. YUM!
My surprise birthday lunch and cake

So I had an egg and ham sandwich this morning for breakfast.  Much better than rice!  We also were able to have dinner with a family in the ward.  Sister Liza and her family feeds us every Sunday night. Dinner wasn't ready so we got to watch Matilda. We had Chicken curry and bikal express. I will make bikal express for you when I come home.

So we aren't having a lot of progress with our inactive members because of some political issues, but we are trying to help the people the best we can.

Little philippine children praying.  They are soo cute!
Don't have much going on this week, but we are going to Bacolod because Elder Cancel has a dentist appointment.  He has his "end of mission" appointments since he will be going home soon.

Well, time to go play basketball.  See ya next week.  I love and miss you all.

Elder Evans

The joy of Fast Sunday!

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