Sunday, November 22, 2015

Not Such a Good Week!

Hello Family!!

As the title says, I did not have such a good week.  My stomach was pretty bad and I had a "low grade" fever (as mom told me) of 99.5.  I am recovering quite nicly:)  I am learning to be self reliant so I didn't call the mission nurse for help. LOL  I started feeling sick on Thursday afternoon... which is Wednsday night there.. and I just started eating again yesterday night.

I haven't got your package yet but I'm hoping that I get 3 packeges Thursday at zone conference!!  Early Christmas for me. :) Tell Meaghen that her Honor Society award is amazing tell her congrats for me. :)  I can't believe dad went camping...WHAT!?!?!?  It probably was a lot like Father & Son's overnight. I still can't believe it. LOL
We are in Cauyan today for "P" day.  It is closer to our house than Kabankalan because we decided to go hiking this morning.  It is really beautiful here.
Well I gotta go:) I will have pics and alot to report next time..hehe.  Love you!
Elder Evans

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