Sunday, November 15, 2015

P-Days are always fun!

Hello Family,

We just got to Kabankalan after an hour drive from home. This is where we spend some of our "Prep" days on Monday. The ride wasn't so wonderful but at least we made it. (Just kidding, Grandma! :) ) After talking and emails, we are going shopping and eating. LOL
Love this picture of Christ and little boy

This week was great. We got 10 new investigators. Me and Elder Dio have meet with all of them and are hoping they will come to church next week. They are all so amazing and loving. We were able to meet with some of them through our recent converts. It's been awesome.

I heard about Paris. It is really sad to hear about the terrorist attacks. As mom said, "Heaven has been pretty busy the last few days." We pray for them and hope that Heavenly Father will give them peace.

I also heard that Aunt Julie and Uncle Matt are moving. That's good for them. I hope there will still be room for family reunion sleepovers! Oh.....are you taking Charlie with you? He doesn't bother me when I am there. :)

This is short, but have to go shopping to make sure I have food to eat this week and I can't think of anything else to share! Hahaha Love you all so much and miss you too.

Elder Evans

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