Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Area - La Carlota

 Dear family,

I didn't know there was a country for "X-Box"! Hahahaha
This past week was a great week we had very good lessons but no investigators attend church so that was kind of a bummer:(  So some "out of the blue" news, I got transferred and I am now in the La Carlota zone which is still south of Bacolod... It feels I have spent all of my mission in the south..hahaha!!!!I miss my friendships in Tuyom but I look forward to a new start in a new area.

Tell G&G Evans thanks for sending yet another package and I look froward to seeing the treats that they send me this time:) I feel really bad about Justin and I will totally keep him in my prayers. :)

The 5 most gupo (handsome) men in the branch
I am glad to see that you see progression in my faith and Testimony and I see it too. It has been and still is an amazing experience on my mission and although there is only 340 days left I know there is still alot of hearts to touch and more I can do to become more converted to the Lord:)<3

I know that Bishop is exactly right with his talk and I wish I was there to hear it. I am so excited for brother Snow and I knew it was only a matter of time...LOL!!! I know whoever is called as YM president... they are called by God because everything in the Gospel happens for a reason:)  
I am excited for dad and tell him good luck for me as I know he will do great as usual:)

I miss you all so much and time is flying here... few more months and I will be home..CRAZY!!!!!

Love always,
Elder Evans

Monday, January 18, 2016

Joy, Sorrow & Pain -- Life

Dear Family,

Me and the 2 future missionaries of Tuyom Jan Paulo Dayondon PiellaBush Magbanua
This week has been a week of joy, sorrow and pain! We have a lot of investigators and we are getting this area to the place we know it is capable of being. We had members work with us everyday and we have that as our companion goal for this upcoming week. We had 3 investigators attend church and if they attend next week we will have a baptism on January 30th.. (So pray that they keep the Spirit and desire to get baptized):) 

This was a spiritual week because I had a personal interview with President and I felt the spirit of the Lord in that interview. I know that I will come out of this service and mission a better and changed man!!! I love that I can go to my mission President with any matter and know that he will be there to help:)

After the FHE at Bush Magbanua's house
The meaning of an "RC" is recent convert and they just graduated to a member because they have been baptized for more than a year. An RC is only a title if you have been a member for less than 1 year:) We have an FHE at their house later tonight and I hope that we will have a big turnout and a really fun time:)

A package update.... I have eaten everything and I am loving that I have more/extra paper and razors:) I am downloading more pictures now and adding captions to the pictures that I forgot.. HEHE!!!!

We are finding new investigators every day and even though they didn't go to church they are a true testament of the Lord preparing people for his disciples!!! I love this work so much and this 2nd year is going so fast and I will be home faster then I want:( At the beginning of my mission I wanted my mission to go faster, but now I wish I could extend because even though I hate when they say," HEY JOE...WHY ARE YOU HERE" I have still grown a love for these people and my love for my Lord and Savior. :)
MOM... MOM look what I made... I can make adobo (filipino dish:)
pork,potatoes,soy sause, pinapple, and love
I miss you guys so much and I hope all is going well:) You are always in my prayers and even though I am far away I can still feel the love from your prayers:)!!!<3

Love always,
Elder Evans

P.S. 347 days left till I come home :D

Monday, January 11, 2016

357 More Days!

Baptism day for Sister Villa

Dear Family,

This week was a great week because we actually had the baptism.:) iI was my first baptism since my time with Elder Wade in June.. ahhaha it was a really special service and the spirit was definitely there.:) she had the easiest name I have ever had to pronounce.:) Jona Paduhilao Villa!!!!! It is officially the hot season so we are back to the 100's with 100% humidity :( not looking forward to that:(  My companion and I are doing really well.:) Time is flying and that is a good thing and a bad thing...AHAHHAH:) 

Second floor of one of our RC's in Tuyom
Grandma to answer your questions, I am sad that I missed Cabo with you guys but its ok we will have plenty of time to go back:) The food of the packages are down to granola bars, starburst, skittles (eating those now) and rice krispy treats:) So if you would like to send more I would Love it because I really miss the mac n cheese:) I love you guys and miss you guys a ton:)

Mom about the ward, I got a parcel from the primary... is that the package you are talking about:) I love reading all the christmas letters from the primary children... its so sweet:) Although I don't know half of them because they are new.. ahahah. Nothing else is really new here. hehe

The tagalog is coming slowly but surely because I got set apart to speak ilonggo not tagalog hahaha!!! It is the main language of the philippines so Im sure I will pick it up:) 357 days ad counting!!!! Excited hahaha lol just kidding that's actually really far hahaha.

My new clay bound scriptures.....the ones that I left with.
Since I hit my year mark I have noticed I have gotten more stressed and I flipp out a lot:) Ask Elder Candilasa This week of the baptism I was praying like crazy, and literally acted like a chicken with its head cut off:( Nothing else is new. Another branch member Brother Bush is opening his mission call tonight so I will let you know where he goes:)

Love you all,
Elder Evans

An entrance to a cave in the back of an RC's property