Monday, January 11, 2016

357 More Days!

Baptism day for Sister Villa

Dear Family,

This week was a great week because we actually had the baptism.:) iI was my first baptism since my time with Elder Wade in June.. ahhaha it was a really special service and the spirit was definitely there.:) she had the easiest name I have ever had to pronounce.:) Jona Paduhilao Villa!!!!! It is officially the hot season so we are back to the 100's with 100% humidity :( not looking forward to that:(  My companion and I are doing really well.:) Time is flying and that is a good thing and a bad thing...AHAHHAH:) 

Second floor of one of our RC's in Tuyom
Grandma to answer your questions, I am sad that I missed Cabo with you guys but its ok we will have plenty of time to go back:) The food of the packages are down to granola bars, starburst, skittles (eating those now) and rice krispy treats:) So if you would like to send more I would Love it because I really miss the mac n cheese:) I love you guys and miss you guys a ton:)

Mom about the ward, I got a parcel from the primary... is that the package you are talking about:) I love reading all the christmas letters from the primary children... its so sweet:) Although I don't know half of them because they are new.. ahahah. Nothing else is really new here. hehe

The tagalog is coming slowly but surely because I got set apart to speak ilonggo not tagalog hahaha!!! It is the main language of the philippines so Im sure I will pick it up:) 357 days ad counting!!!! Excited hahaha lol just kidding that's actually really far hahaha.

My new clay bound scriptures.....the ones that I left with.
Since I hit my year mark I have noticed I have gotten more stressed and I flipp out a lot:) Ask Elder Candilasa This week of the baptism I was praying like crazy, and literally acted like a chicken with its head cut off:( Nothing else is new. Another branch member Brother Bush is opening his mission call tonight so I will let you know where he goes:)

Love you all,
Elder Evans

An entrance to a cave in the back of an RC's property

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