Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Area - La Carlota

 Dear family,

I didn't know there was a country for "X-Box"! Hahahaha
This past week was a great week we had very good lessons but no investigators attend church so that was kind of a bummer:(  So some "out of the blue" news, I got transferred and I am now in the La Carlota zone which is still south of Bacolod... It feels I have spent all of my mission in the south..hahaha!!!!I miss my friendships in Tuyom but I look forward to a new start in a new area.

Tell G&G Evans thanks for sending yet another package and I look froward to seeing the treats that they send me this time:) I feel really bad about Justin and I will totally keep him in my prayers. :)

The 5 most gupo (handsome) men in the branch
I am glad to see that you see progression in my faith and Testimony and I see it too. It has been and still is an amazing experience on my mission and although there is only 340 days left I know there is still alot of hearts to touch and more I can do to become more converted to the Lord:)<3

I know that Bishop is exactly right with his talk and I wish I was there to hear it. I am so excited for brother Snow and I knew it was only a matter of time...LOL!!! I know whoever is called as YM president... they are called by God because everything in the Gospel happens for a reason:)  
I am excited for dad and tell him good luck for me as I know he will do great as usual:)

I miss you all so much and time is flying here... few more months and I will be home..CRAZY!!!!!

Love always,
Elder Evans

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