Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Growing Area

"The Church is True"

Dear Family,

This past week we had a good week and it ended in a baptism. We have a progressing area and we have a baptism scheduled and will go through every week this upcoming week. So i am super excited!!!! I have had a better week and I wasn't as stressed!!!! 

I hope everything there is going great..... you all are in my prayers and i cant believe I am only 9 months away from coming home.
I have really applied my studies this week of Christ-like attributes and it really helps... I encourage all of our family to study chp.6 of PMG (preach my gospel) it is very inspirational!!! 
Baptism of Sister Vicky

Plz send a huge thank you to Grandpa R. for his insights. The scriptures that he suggested will be a big help. :)

Nothing new is going on here.... we have mission tour in a couple of weeks so we will see who else comes to visit. :)  Tell Nicolas that prom is the best experience so choose someone and go.. like senior year I took Sophia from the Solament Ward... I had a blast!!!!

And also tell Nicolas to study the scriptures.... 1 chapter a day and read PMG for his preparation for his mission. :) Sorry about all the lower case letters the shift button is broken:)
LOVE y'all and you are always in my prayers:)

The little girl wanted to take lots of pictures!
Elder Evans

ps. i am teaching the youth in my branch how to do family history work and i forgot how to search for ansestors. can you help me in reminding me hahaha

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