Monday, February 8, 2016

What a Great Week!

Beauty of the Philippines
Dear Family,
This week has been great becasue I learned more of the area and I built more relationships with the members:) We had member splits on sunday and it was the first member splits I had as a missionary..PRETTY AWESOME!!!

Anyway.. thats awesome news about Grandpa Rimington.  What part of the temple does he work in?
Splits with members and goofy!

President Nelson is coming to the mission to speak to the missionaries on Feb.18th. I am super excited to meet him and that will be another Apostle marked off my list hahaha:)

Nothing crazy happened this week. I have some AWE-Mazing photos that I am downloading for you. Did you hear about Christie? She was called to the Tacoma Washington mission. :)

On top of the Jeepny

Happy for the whole family and all their accomplishments thus far!!! Not mush to report....I love you and will have a lot to say next week about President Nelson!!!
Elder Evans  

Family Home Evening

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