Sunday, April 10, 2016

General Conference - Load of Inspiration

District photo
Dear family,

This past week was a very inspirational week. General Conference was amazing and I learned so Much:) I loved priesthood session and I thought in priesthood session President Utchdorf  was so funny. I thought my favorite session was Saturday morning but everything was so inspirational:)

SO huge news.... Elder Barrera transferred....I do not know my new companion but I will let you know next week:) I am excited for a new start and I am so very grateful for the experiences that I had with Elder Barrera.. although not all of them are good I learned so much from him:) I notice that while I am with a companion I don't get along with and always want a new one... But once they leave I notice that I want to be companions with them again and I am unblinded from the things I couldn't see when I was with them.
Young Mens group putting in a walkway

I would love to see a picture of Nicolas in his prom suit. I am so happy and excited for him:)

I am so grateful that everything in my package made it and now I can stop stressing about it..! Please don't look anymore till I get home:) I want to make it special.:)

A huge question.. WHO IS BROTHER PASTOR???? WHen I come home its gunna feel like i just transferred to a new area instead of coming home.. hahaha

I can't believe how fast time is going.... How did the family like my letters:)
FHE dinner

I would love to hear what everyone learned from General conference... Ive learned that talking about it helps you remember and keep the spirit of conference with you longer.:)

Anyway I love you all,
Elder Evans

Young Men's President w/Spencer

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