Sunday, April 24, 2016

Happy Monday!

Hello Family,

Zone picutre

My baby carabo friend in our area
So our 4 baptisms got pushed to the next week because our district leader felt they needed 1 more week of support and lessons. It was tough to accept but if they are not ready then they are not ready.
Elder Lubrin is great! He speaks Ilacano which is close to Tagalog and his home is close to Manila. I met him while I was in Tuyom so I knew who he was before he arrived.:)
Not much happened this week. The branch is really struggling to grow.  Many things that are just a bunch of misunderstandings are causing hurt feelings and the Filipino culture hold on to things personally for a really long time.
Its hard because all of our RCs (recent converts) are easily offended :( and our teaching/missionary work struggles. But we are going to continue and hope that everything will just smooth over.

This is one of our investigating families.
Not much else happened here... I downloaded more photos for you:) Can you believe it's almost May already??? hahaha. ITS INSANE!!?!?

Anyway I am happy to report a healthy happy Elder Evans and happy to know the same is there in AMERICA!!!!


ELder Evans

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