Sunday, May 29, 2016

Love Being District Leader

Hello Family,

Stake President and family from my 1st area
I am on a little bit earlier this week so I will make this short and sweet.  So being District Leader is a blast.  Everything is going great.  My companionship with Elder DeLa Cruz is strong and we are having a blast.

We had Zone Conference this week and then Stake Conference on Sunday.  The Cebu Temple president talked about what it takes to have a temple built in Bacolod and we also had talks on obedience and missionary work.  It was a very, very good conference.

Some of the YW in Ward 1
Let Grandma know that I got the package that they sent.  I got it the day I transferred but I kept forgetting to tell them.  I especially like the sugar cookie flavored Poptarts!! hahaha  Also tell Grandma that my apartment is fine and I am doing great and not to worry.

Tell Meaghen congratulations on her awards at school and tell everybody that I love them.  I am off to play basketball and shopping.

My RC in the striped skirt.  Still strong and faithful

Elder Evans

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Seems like Ol' Times

Dear Family, 

This past week was a good and really wet week. We had a lot of rain but thats what I get for being assigned in the most high zone. I mean that as in the closest to the clouds..hahah

Anyhoo... hahaha not much happened this week. I am really getting a hang of the whole district leader gig but I think that is becasue all of my companions my whole mission have been District leader . The only one who wasn't was Elder Benedict in the MTC but that was because I was District leader there hehe.

On the way to Sagay I got to sit on the top of the jeepney because there was no space inside. It was great to catch the air. Also it felt like a mix between the story book ride at Disneyland and Pirates of the Carribean. IT WAS A BLAST!

We have little success in the area right now but I have big plans to change that in the coming months. I love you guys and I am sorry for no new pictures this past week. I didn't want to risk losing my camera in the rain.

Not much is new. I haven't been able to visit my old area but I plan on doing that this week and there is also a Stake conference so I most definantly will see my old ward there:)

Elder Evans

Sunday, May 15, 2016

First Week as District Leader

Group photo after the wedding
Dear Family,

This past week was a really stress FREE week. I am loving it as District Leader and I don't take it as a way to see myself over other missionaries but a way to prepare myself for future callings. 

I love you and it was great to see you all last week. I love this new area but my companion knows little to nothing of the area so we have to build the area not knowing much about it.

Youth of the branch
I am so happy to be back in my first zone and every prep. day be able to see the members of my 1st area. I downloaded more photos so you can add those to the blog:)

Not much else is new. I love my new branch and they are so engaged in missionary work!!  So that helps a lot!!!

Please tell grandma that I have an apartment and that even though my area is in the mountains I am safe and healthy.

The "sacred grove" in my area
My duties as district leader are to collect the numbers of studies, weekly numbers, etc. of the District and to teach district meeting every Tuesday. I have learned so much about leadership in these 4 short days and... The zone leaders say they love my leadership skills and say I am a good leader:)

I love you all,
Elder Evans
S E L F I E !!!!

Monday, May 9, 2016

New Calling, New Area

Dear Family,
LaCarlota District

 HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, MOM! I totally forgot to say that in the skype call but I definitely didn't forget about that today. I was so happy to see and hear that everything is ok in the family.

This week after the skype call we had the marriage/wedding, 2 baptisms and 5 confirmations.:) I was so happy to see the progress and see the love and growth of the branch.

So indeed as I said in the skype........I transferred!!!  Just yesterday night (Sunday) my trainer called me because he is the AP (assistant to the President) and told me I am transferring to one of his old areas. It was so hard to leave Masville and to say goodbye to all the success I had there but now I am moving to a new area and I am now the District Leader there. I am so excited to be District leader and I hope I can live up to Heavenly Father's expectation that He has for me at this point in my mission.

I am so excited to see the success I find in this area which could be my 2nd to last area because I am probably going 4 months here 4 months in one more area:)

I was so full of mixed emotions when Elder Wade called about transfers:(. I am nervous to become District leader but I am more scared that I will not meet the expectations that Heavenly Father has for me as a District leader. I am totally ready for this assignment though and I have been waiting for this opportunity my whole mission.

My new area is in Colonia Devina and my new companion is Elder Dela Cruz. Colonia Devina is in the Sagay Zone just more into the mountains and not the city like my first area. I am so excited to see the members of my first area again, because every monday we stay in Sagay for district meeting the next day. SO i could go on splits with the Sagay 1 elders to go see my Recent Converts and members.:)

Not much else has happened since the skype call.Other than Election day Today. There is nothing really exciting to report. 

Anyayway I love you all very very much.

Elder Evans

Monday, May 2, 2016

Picture Time

***Mommy note:  Spencer did not send a regular email this week.  I was out of town and he IE (instant emailed) with his father.  I was going to try and piece together their conversation, but it mostly consisted of "yes", "ok", "how are things", "good", etc.  So this weeks entry will just be pictures.***
Sadiasa family baptism

My baby carabo friend in our area

The beauty of our area... this river use to be full of water
Our Branch President is in the blue