Sunday, May 15, 2016

First Week as District Leader

Group photo after the wedding
Dear Family,

This past week was a really stress FREE week. I am loving it as District Leader and I don't take it as a way to see myself over other missionaries but a way to prepare myself for future callings. 

I love you and it was great to see you all last week. I love this new area but my companion knows little to nothing of the area so we have to build the area not knowing much about it.

Youth of the branch
I am so happy to be back in my first zone and every prep. day be able to see the members of my 1st area. I downloaded more photos so you can add those to the blog:)

Not much else is new. I love my new branch and they are so engaged in missionary work!!  So that helps a lot!!!

Please tell grandma that I have an apartment and that even though my area is in the mountains I am safe and healthy.

The "sacred grove" in my area
My duties as district leader are to collect the numbers of studies, weekly numbers, etc. of the District and to teach district meeting every Tuesday. I have learned so much about leadership in these 4 short days and... The zone leaders say they love my leadership skills and say I am a good leader:)

I love you all,
Elder Evans
S E L F I E !!!!

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