Monday, May 9, 2016

New Calling, New Area

Dear Family,
LaCarlota District

 HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, MOM! I totally forgot to say that in the skype call but I definitely didn't forget about that today. I was so happy to see and hear that everything is ok in the family.

This week after the skype call we had the marriage/wedding, 2 baptisms and 5 confirmations.:) I was so happy to see the progress and see the love and growth of the branch.

So indeed as I said in the skype........I transferred!!!  Just yesterday night (Sunday) my trainer called me because he is the AP (assistant to the President) and told me I am transferring to one of his old areas. It was so hard to leave Masville and to say goodbye to all the success I had there but now I am moving to a new area and I am now the District Leader there. I am so excited to be District leader and I hope I can live up to Heavenly Father's expectation that He has for me at this point in my mission.

I am so excited to see the success I find in this area which could be my 2nd to last area because I am probably going 4 months here 4 months in one more area:)

I was so full of mixed emotions when Elder Wade called about transfers:(. I am nervous to become District leader but I am more scared that I will not meet the expectations that Heavenly Father has for me as a District leader. I am totally ready for this assignment though and I have been waiting for this opportunity my whole mission.

My new area is in Colonia Devina and my new companion is Elder Dela Cruz. Colonia Devina is in the Sagay Zone just more into the mountains and not the city like my first area. I am so excited to see the members of my first area again, because every monday we stay in Sagay for district meeting the next day. SO i could go on splits with the Sagay 1 elders to go see my Recent Converts and members.:)

Not much else has happened since the skype call.Other than Election day Today. There is nothing really exciting to report. 

Anyayway I love you all very very much.

Elder Evans

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