Sunday, June 19, 2016

Short Time in Colonia Divina

Dear Dad, 

HaPpY FaThEr'S DaY.  I love you so much.!!!!! :)
Dear Family,
This past week was a good week. My companion was Elder Shumway.  He is from Hawaii. It was a great week with  him but I transferred after only 6 weeks in Colonia Divina. I was really happy to be transferred. This area was really difficult with no progress no matter what we did. 

So I am now in Victorious Ward... That is in Cadiz. My new companion is Elder Dio. Do you remember him? From Tuyom. My 3rd companion. I am so happy to be with him again because I had so much fun with him last time.

Meaghen--Those cupcakes look so good but you might want to stay in the kitchen because when I get home I will beat you in golf. HAHAHA

I am glad that everyone had a good time in Carlsbad and that there were no car accidents hahaha. 

I hope Nicolas is excited to be a senior. Let him know that senior year should be fun but to also take it seriously. You only get one senior year in high school but you still need to do the best. I love him too much to let him mess up his future plans. hahaha

Anyway talk to you next week.

Elder Evans

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