Sunday, June 5, 2016

Tough Week

Dear Family,

This past week was kinda hard. We had to stay in Sagay with nothing to do till Thursday because support didn't come in time... because of Memorial Day.  No new news to report here.

 I am so happy Aunt Lori had their kid.... I voted for that name so I am glad they went with that:)  Let Nicolas know that he needs to understand no matter what the project for his eagle there is manual work involved. Sorry to bust your bubble. HAHAH. What are the last 3 badges that you need?  Also, let Meaghen know I am glad she had a good time with friends at the 8th grade Magic Mountain trip.:) 

Mom, sitting in front of fans trying to stay cool really sounds like the Philippines hahaha Good luck if that is a fact.I can't believe that summer break starts tomorrow that means my mission is coming to a close and that is hard to think.:)

I can't wait to come home and play softball again. It is pretty funny to hear that they won by forfeit.  Even though I didn't keep my baseball gene from when I was a kid, I still love to have fun with the ward. Can you believe that Elder Wade goes home next week. That is INSANE!!!!

My area is really a struggle because every time we extend a baptismal date everyone denies...SO... we are finding all new investigators to teach.

Tell Grandma and Grandpa Evans I got their email and tell both Grandma and Grandpa Evans and Rimington that I love and miss them very much. Tell G&G Evans  I am happy that their car got fixed but not so excited about the price they paid hahaha. Great I am starting to sound like a parent.:(hahaha

Well thats all for now folks. hahah Love ya all.
Elder Evans

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