Sunday, August 28, 2016

No longer a Teenager!! :)

Dear Family,

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. They mean alot. I can't wait for that big celebration that you talked about mom, when I get home.  :)  I am finally not a teenager anymore. That makes me so happy to know that. hahaha. One more year and I am completely legal of everything. hhahaa (jk dont worry.)

This week was good. I love my new companion and I love this area. We have a few progressing investigators which will soon be baptized... we just need to teach them.. they already come to church every week. :)

I miss youth basketball but I am glad to know that I can officially play with the big boys when I return :)  **Mommy note:  I emailed Spencer about the youth at church starting basketball this past week.***

Thank you mom for your reply about my question about Eve... That really helps and I always love to hear testimonies that always strengthens mine.  :)

Nothing really new here.. the days are counting down and I only have 4 months left to teach and be with these great people. :0 CRAZY RIGHT!  I really need to get to work.

Well I gotta go and celebrate with members. Birthdays on a Pday are amazing!

Elder Evans

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