Monday, September 12, 2016

I'm on the move, again?!?

Dear Family,
This past week was a good week but it ended on a bummer.  I say that because I got transferred... AGAIN.  I am back in the Cadiz zone in the Fabrica area. My new companion is Elder Ibis and we were in the same zone before so I know him pretty well.  :)
I am glad to hear Nicolas is taking after me in the projects department at school.  I hated working in groups.  And I hope Meaghen did well at TPC. That is a really hard course to play if you are a beginner.
I don't have any new pictures for you at the moment but I am sure I will have more soon. I don't really have anything else new to report other than having transfers every 6 weeks. That has happened to me in each of my last 3 areas.  Not fun packing up and moving all the time especially when you are just starting to know everybody in the area. :)
I hope all is well with the family and I miss you all.  :)
Elder Evans

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