Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Every Little Bit is Appreciated!

Dear Family,

Not much to report here. We have a baptism the week after General Conference on the 15th. :) The area is so great and I hope that this is my last area. I love this area so much and will really be sad if I transfer, again. 
Not much else is going on.. It is General Conference weekend and I am super excited for this conference.  I love to listen to Pres. Renlund and Pres. Holland.  :)

So this email is short.  There isn't really all that much to report. I slipped down a huge hill on Friday and my whole back was all muddy because it rained. Hahaha  I thought you would think that was something adventurous to share.  :)

Anyway I will share more info if anything happens.
Elder Evans

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