Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Happy Halloween!!

Dear Family,

This past week we had a baptism of sister Maria Terres Ninal and it was the best. I am so glad that she got baptized and she has so much faith and love for the gospel.  It was great to baptize a future leader of the church.

Elder Ibis transfers today. I was so sad when I found out but it is ok because God has a plan for all. My new companion is Elder Bagion. I have not met him yet and I don't know where he is coming from because I am still with Elder Ibis right now hahah.

Nothing else really big happened except transfers. I am still in Fabrica and I hope that I stay here as my last area.

It is crazy to know that Ryan Wardle is that old and giving a talking in church already haha. I hope Nicolas did well on the SAT and the ACT. I hated those tests and I am so glad it is over hahah.

I am glad to hear that there are converts there in the Mint Canyon ward. From a missionary viewpoint make sure she has a friend and a calling ASAP so that she stays strong because with the trials she will
face with her family she will need a lot of friends in the Church.

Nothing else is new. Just working, planning and thinking about the family.

 Love you all and miss you loads.

 Palangga ko kamu(I love you all)

-Elder Evans

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