Sunday, December 11, 2016

Departing Devotional and Stuff! :)

Dear Family,
It was a great week as I was able to go to Bacolod and be a part of the departing devotionals. It was really fun and very informative.  The devotionals were about how to take what we have learned and accomplished here and to use them when we get back home.

This week was just like any other. We worked throughout the week with no progressing investigators.  Our candidate that we are waiting to confirm didn't come to church. So next week if she isn't confirmed we have to baptize her again.  :(   I don't get why she got baptized if she doesn't have a desire to be confirmed.  But, that is her choice.  The good and the bad of having free agency.  :)

Mom:  Yes, please make an appt. for me with the dentist because that is exactly what I need.  Maybe they can fix my retainer too.

Dad:  Should I go back to Ralphs and work or should I apply to work with you? I'm trying to figure out what to do about a job.

There is nothing new here. Sorry, but today I have really nothing to report.  So hope all is well with everyone and I will talk to you soon. I still do not have details about the skype call yet but most likely next Monday I will get the details.

Elder Evans

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