Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Companion, Same Place!

FHE at Edgardo Lamis Sr. house
Dear Grizwalt Family,
HAHAHAH... I just really wanted to say that and i am dying in laughter..hahah.

So as you all  know by now... Elder Dio has transferred and my new companion is Elder Candilasa!!!! I know its a mouthful but I love him and I know that we will do very well together:)

This is Tito's daughter... HE is getting baptized on the 25th:)
She is so cute and adorable
As of today President has taken away Facebook but he said that it will be back in the near future:) It was crazy.... 70% of the whole Bacolod mission transferred and it was so funny that I got to see everyone from Provo today. :)  Sister Allegretti,Schultz,Lewis,and Marriott were all there and so was Elder Benedict. :) Me and Elder Benedict were the only ones that didn't transfer... the 4 sisters did..HAHAH. It was great to see them and to hear about their successes thus far.

I cant believe next week I will only have 1 year left:) Elder Candilasa just hit his year mark last week and he goes home December 5, 2106. :)

Its weird to not have Elder Dio by my side because I have been with him for 4 months but I cant wait to get started with Elder Candilasa!!!

Elder Wade also transferred and I got to meet up with him as well... He is now the new Supply elder so maybe if you send packages... they will arrive to me faster..HAHAHA LOL...:)

The Panes Family...smile emoticon MY favorite family here in Tuyom:)
So again I will not be on Facebook for a short time but I will be back on when president gives us the OK!!!

I love you all and hope everything is going great:)
Love Always,
Elder Evans

Me and brother Bush Magbanua after a dinner appointment

From left to right:
Bush MagbanuaJan Paulo Dayondon Piella,
Kerwin Panes, Kevin Panes, Kenneth Panes, Elder Dio

Me and soon to be Elder Jan Paulo Dayondon Piella
with his mission call going to the Philippines Lagazpi mission:)

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