Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

Our baptism on March 26, Maay Panaguiton
and family
Dear Family,

I am so happy and relieved that you received the package.... Where is everything else... the suit and the survivors....DO NOT OPEN THOSE TILL I COME HOME!!!!!!

I am so sad about Meaghen's knee but I know that that will be a fun learning experience. At least it is only for a few weeks.:)hahaha
Me and my friend Mrs. Carabo...
but she is camera shy

You're so lucky you got to go to Disneyland.I want to go back when I get home. :) How is Nicolas doing with junior year soon to be a senior?  hahaha

This past week was ok. The only thing that is bothering me is I am having frustration with some things and so I worry and then I make myself sick from worrying. I guess you know that mom.  I worry just like you! hahaha RIGHT::)

I downloaded more pictures if you wanna check them out.....! 

We are teaching a 7th day Adventist pastor and he has 2 doubts.  One being about the Sabbath..... He knows the book of mormon is true... so we are going to invite him to baptism soon:)

Not much else is new... 

Elder Evans
FHE with the Joame family

Maay Panaguiton and her cousin
 Joy baptized her

Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Strong Testimony from a Strong Member!

Dear family,

That is awesome to hear about Nicolas but my question.. WHO IS BRIANNA THOMAS:)!!! hahaha. That shows you how much I know about our ward/stake. I am supper happy for him. Mormon Prom is really fun and he will have a good time.

Grandma emailed me about Meaghen's interest in sports and I am super excited to hear she wants basketball and golf.. but sorry to break it to you all.... I think I am still the best hahaha. We will find out in 9 months:):)

The funny thing is your weather is the exact opposite of my weather... 100 degrees and humid... BLAH

An amazing member of the ward
This week Ryian Suyo got baptized and Jing is getting baptized next week and I FINALLY have weekly baptisms:) It took me 13 months but I finally got there:) Ryian Suyo had little interest in our message but as he came to church that next Sunday he grew interest. He went to the YSA (young single adult) devotional with Elder Nelson and then he had "no doubt to be baptized!" His mom said, "Is this really what you wanna do..." Ryian replied," I have made up my mind!" He wants to serve a mission and I can see him being a branch president in 5-6 years:)

SO I have an amazing story about a member that has taught me to not take things for granted!!! This member has the exact face as Grandpa Rimington and he has been a member a long time. He is endowed and really active! He had a stroke a while back and his whole left side is non functional that's why when he walks his leg is little hard to move. He wakes up at 4:30am to get ready for church on Sunday.  He leaves his house at 5:30am! He arrives at 6:30am and church does not start till 8:30am! He has been my motivation in this area. And I think to myself when I have been too casual or take things for granted I remember this awesome member and his testimony of our Savior!

Elder Evans

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Testimony of Fasting and Prayer

Philippine Foliage :)
Dear family,

This past week was a huge testimony building week. So I lost something on Tuesday and I had prayed and retraced my steps and asking everyone we went to and visited... They all said that they hadn't seen it.... I was running out of places to look and I was loosing faith and hope... and just as I was about to give up, Sunday came around and I fasted for help in finding it..... We went to a family we went to 3 times since Tuesday and she said, " Der... sa imo ni" (is this it) and with a huge smile on my face I said, "YES!" After that experience I have such a strong testimony of FASTING and also of Prayers. I know God answers our prayers but it always happens in his time. He waits till the lowest point sometimes to see if we will stay true! I am so thankful of that sister helping Heavenly Father answer my prayer. 

Cute little photo bomber on the right
I know God watches out for us but we need to keep the commandments before he helps us:) Me and Elder Barrera are doing really well.. we had a break from baptisms this week but the next 3 weeks of march we have baptisms:)

The Baptism of Nanay Vicky did go through:)!! ( If you remember she was the miracle story!!!) I love this area of Masville because the whole branch is pretty much RMs (returned missionaries) so we have a lot of member help:) and in return we have a lot of baptisms<3
I love all the water here!

We have been getting rain but it is still extremely hot... to give you an idea of how hot at 7pm here when the sun is down it is the hottest point of the day in California... so our hottest point here is 3X that amount... HAHAHAH. What a joy:)

 I am thinking of sending a package home so that I don't have too much stuff and I have room for all of my things:) BUT I don't know how much it costs :(

SO how is the ward...I bet when I get back it will feel like just another area transfer because there are a ton of families that left or moved in right??!

That's it as of now... I really need to learn to write the questions I have for you down..... Because when we go to lunch I will remember the questions I forgot to ask.. hahah

I love you all and hope everything is going well.
Elder EVans