Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Last Skype Call Coming Up!!

Hey Family,
So my Skype call will be on the 24th which is Friday night for you guys. I am thinking 9 am here which should be 6 pm there correct??? Anyway that is the only day I can Skype (hahaha) although we will just be finalizing plans...lol haha.

So the departing devotional had me and 1 other elder that came to Bacolod from the MTC.  We are going home together as well so he was at the devotional and then all the missionaries of the December batch.  :)  It was great and we got alot of RM (returned missionary) advice from President and Sister Barredo. :)
I can't believe I am down to just 7 days left in the Philippines.:)  It's so crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I guess we will discuss and finalize everything at the skype call. 9am Saturday (Filipino time).  I hope we can figure this out with no problems like last time... hahaha  I will be on my email just in case you can't figure out the computer again and to make sure we have no problems.  :)
Anyway not too much going on here. I am just saying my good byes. The ward is throwing me a party, and I am just packing hahahaa. CRAZY TO THINK IT IS THAT CLOSE... hahaha
Anyway I love you all and I will talk to you on friday night:)

Elder Evans

PS. Email me if you have any problems:)

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Departing Devotional and Stuff! :)

Dear Family,
It was a great week as I was able to go to Bacolod and be a part of the departing devotionals. It was really fun and very informative.  The devotionals were about how to take what we have learned and accomplished here and to use them when we get back home.

This week was just like any other. We worked throughout the week with no progressing investigators.  Our candidate that we are waiting to confirm didn't come to church. So next week if she isn't confirmed we have to baptize her again.  :(   I don't get why she got baptized if she doesn't have a desire to be confirmed.  But, that is her choice.  The good and the bad of having free agency.  :)

Mom:  Yes, please make an appt. for me with the dentist because that is exactly what I need.  Maybe they can fix my retainer too.

Dad:  Should I go back to Ralphs and work or should I apply to work with you? I'm trying to figure out what to do about a job.

There is nothing new here. Sorry, but today I have really nothing to report.  So hope all is well with everyone and I will talk to you soon. I still do not have details about the skype call yet but most likely next Monday I will get the details.

Elder Evans

Monday, November 28, 2016

29 Days!!

Dear Family,

This past week we didnt have anything special.
I am so sad that I missed Thanksgiving but I will be home right after Christmas!! :) I had a good start of the week. I was healthy at the beginning and then on Friday I got a fever and got sick again.  But it's alright I am all better today. :) haha
Not much happened. I will give you skyping details when I get them.. haha but yes I will be skyping. :)
Not much really to report this week. We were at the house mostly cause I was sick.. hahah

Love ya all.
Elder Evans

Monday, November 21, 2016

35 Days and Counting!!

Dear Family,
So this week ended fantastic. I got my travel plans and I can not believe how fast 2 years has gone. :) I love you all so much.
Nicolas no matter the score of the ACT at least you took it. Good for you brah!!! Meaghen, Congrats on your advancement in gymnastics:) I hope you are just as good in golf so we can have a friendly competition between you, me, Nicolas and dad. :)
So Nicolas I heard from a close source of mine.. you are in my room. I hate to break it to ya but if the rumor is true... You won't be there in 35 days. :) hahaha  Yes ladies and gentlemen... THAT IS THE COUNT.  Just 35 DAYS left of my 2 year journey here in the Philippines. :)  I am happy to be coming home soon,  but at the same time I wish I could stay.  To everyone who has supported me and helped me on this journey I thank you from the bottom of my heart. :) 
The middle of the week was not good because I was sick from Thursday to Saturday.  To make things worse our sister that was baptized was not confirmed because she didn't come to church. :(  That's the worst feeling in the world.  She was ok with the baptism but being confirmed scares her. JAJAJA

Not much else happened.  If I didn't mention last week I had the pleasure and opportunity to meet Bishop Waddell and Elder Robins of the Presidency of the 70. :) I have been so blessed over my life to meet apostles either here on the mission, at Dodger games, or in random places in Utah. I have been so blessed and no words can explain how I feel when I talk to them. :)

This mission has taught me so much.  I can see so many changes in my life from what I was 2 years ago,  spiritually and mentally. :)  I am so glad I decided to serve. :)  The Philippines is amazing and I hope to  have the chance to return someday!!!  :)

Elder Evans

Monday, November 7, 2016

Hello Family,

Had a great week and everything is great..... (especially because the Lakers won...hahaha).  We had a baptism of Sister Gemma Rose Montebon on Saturday.  She was a referal from one of our memebers and we have been working with her for 4 weeks.

Today we pretty much just have email.....sleep......rest. :)  We do have baptisms that are scheduled for the next Saturdays!!!!  I love this area so much. :)  I don't know if I ever told you my companion's name since the last transfer.  His name is Elder Bagion and he is from Zambales, which is in the Philippines.  He has been in the field for 7 months and we get along great.  I can't believe I used to be that new.  Time flies when you're having fun.

Sorry this is short but nothing much new here.

Love you all,
Elder Evans

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Happy Halloween!!

Dear Family,

This past week we had a baptism of sister Maria Terres Ninal and it was the best. I am so glad that she got baptized and she has so much faith and love for the gospel.  It was great to baptize a future leader of the church.

Elder Ibis transfers today. I was so sad when I found out but it is ok because God has a plan for all. My new companion is Elder Bagion. I have not met him yet and I don't know where he is coming from because I am still with Elder Ibis right now hahah.

Nothing else really big happened except transfers. I am still in Fabrica and I hope that I stay here as my last area.

It is crazy to know that Ryan Wardle is that old and giving a talking in church already haha. I hope Nicolas did well on the SAT and the ACT. I hated those tests and I am so glad it is over hahah.

I am glad to hear that there are converts there in the Mint Canyon ward. From a missionary viewpoint make sure she has a friend and a calling ASAP so that she stays strong because with the trials she will
face with her family she will need a lot of friends in the Church.

Nothing else is new. Just working, planning and thinking about the family.

 Love you all and miss you loads.

 Palangga ko kamu(I love you all)

-Elder Evans

Monday, October 17, 2016

Just Routine!!

Dear Family,

This week was great,,, We have a baptism next week and an investigator that wants to serve a mission and we have only taught him 3 times....WOW. I may be training a new missionary next week but we will have to wait and find out:)

Monday: We did nothing but sleep and email.. hahah

Tuesday: District meeting, Working in Jerusalem.  Not in Israel but one of our areas. hahaha :)

Wednesday: I was on exchanges with an elder/missionary in the Paraiso area.  **Mommy note:  Exchanges are when they "exchange" or switch companions for the day and work together.**

Thursday: We interviewed our candidate for baptism.  Whenever we have an investigator who has accepted the invitation to baptism we get to do an interview with them to see how they have progressed and to see if they are really ready to accept the gospel.

Friday: Nothing special.

Saturday: Same ol', same ol'.

Sunday: It was the 3rd Sunday of the month and that means missionaries give the talks in Sacrament meeting. I spoke about the sacrament ordinance and its importance of taking it each week to renew our covenants and promises with the Lord.

Sorry that I haven't been sending pictures.  The computuer shop we go to doesn't read my card.  So I guess you will just have to wait.  I'm really sorry about that.

-Elder Evans