Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Last Skype Call Coming Up!!

Hey Family,
So my Skype call will be on the 24th which is Friday night for you guys. I am thinking 9 am here which should be 6 pm there correct??? Anyway that is the only day I can Skype (hahaha) although we will just be finalizing plans...lol haha.

So the departing devotional had me and 1 other elder that came to Bacolod from the MTC.  We are going home together as well so he was at the devotional and then all the missionaries of the December batch.  :)  It was great and we got alot of RM (returned missionary) advice from President and Sister Barredo. :)
I can't believe I am down to just 7 days left in the Philippines.:)  It's so crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I guess we will discuss and finalize everything at the skype call. 9am Saturday (Filipino time).  I hope we can figure this out with no problems like last time... hahaha  I will be on my email just in case you can't figure out the computer again and to make sure we have no problems.  :)
Anyway not too much going on here. I am just saying my good byes. The ward is throwing me a party, and I am just packing hahahaa. CRAZY TO THINK IT IS THAT CLOSE... hahaha
Anyway I love you all and I will talk to you on friday night:)

Elder Evans

PS. Email me if you have any problems:)

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