Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Getting Adjusted To My New "Home"

Life here in the Philippines is crazy. They drive like mad men here but the people in Bacolod are the nicest people. I am on the Island of smiles. I love my trainer Elder Wade. He is great he is helping me learn the language and is like a brother to me. I have been having a tough week this week.

 I love it here in the Philippines but these past 4 days I have had  a lot of Home sickness. But I know that we are reciving blessings and I have been able to press forward although it is my first week so adjusting is hard the language is just biting me in the butt and I thought I knew just enough to teach but now I KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I know I just have to keep pushing forward and everything will work out.

 Tokyo was really crazy but I was able to find my way around. I don't know the exact address but the part of Bacolod I am in is Sagay. It is awesome and we have 2 baptisms on Saturday and we have like 19 investigators so.... This area has been full of blessings but I still  don't know the language. 

 I know that if I work hard and think less of home I will be a very successful missionary. So my P-day is Monday which is what I thought but I wasnt sure. The weather is amazing and the color here is beautiful just the only thing I struggle with is the language. I hope I learn it fast. Tell everyone I miss them and love them all. I will talk to you guys on Monday (or Sunday night for you).
ELder Evans  

ps-I also forgot to tell you one more thing. BAL-UT is forbidden in my mission because 2 elders tried it and got sent home because they got really sick. So I just thought I would share that because I was really excited to hear that. Also I am scared that my camera will get a virus and erase all my pictures so you will only be getting emails for a while. I'm really sorry about that but I want to keep my photos for the rest of my life. 
Love always,
Elder Evans

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