Monday, June 15, 2015

Another Week of Ailments

I finally got your package!!!  I LOVE the calendar and the pretzels.  Feel free to send any kind of treats you want.  I LOVE them!!

So this week we were in the hospital with Elder Wade.  They thought he might have appentisitis but he is ok now.  The only good thing about the hospital visit was that I got to watch some of the NBA finals!  It was heaven!  :) But, this week should be more teaching, thank goodness.

I can't believe PJ comes home on Wednsday.  That was a fast 2 years.  Mine seems to be too.  Only 19 more months!  LOL

We have two family baptisms this week and we are still visiting with the Villajuan family trying to help them in their desire to become baptized.

I'm sorry but I don't have any pictures to send.  Hopefully next week.  And I'm sorry this is short but we need to catch up on missing last week of work.

Elder Evans

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