Monday, April 18, 2016


Teaching Relief Society how to hula!  :)
Dear Family,

Thank you for the pictures of Nicolas at prom.  He looks good.  I really love the color of Nicolas' vest. It stinks that my dates' colors weren't like that ahaha. Where was prom this year?  

Its good to know that Meaghen and Nicolas are the same when it comes to sacrament meeting... So I guess I haven't missed much:)hahah  RIGHT!!!!!! I sound like Aunt Tracy.. hahaha but seriously its almost May and that means my mission is getting closer to being over and that is hard to swallow every month. 

Lesson with the Cabuguason family
Baptism of John Rey Compacion

So my new companion's name is Elder Lubrin and we were in the same district for a little while when I was in Tuyom. ( my last area). So if you look back at past pictures you can see him. I am downloading more pictures and he is in those so you will see him either way. The work is progressing and we had a baptism on April 16th, 4 are scheduled on the 23rd, and 4 on the 30th. This area is totally the definition of what missionaries call GOLDEN areas!!!

Anyway that's all for this week. I have been listening to the conference talks all week on my flashdrive and just like  President Thomas S. Monson said in a past conference we learn more from General Conference when we listen and read the talks over again.:)  I loved the talk about family counsel by M. Russell Ballard too... I thought President Utchdorf was hilarious in conference.. ask Nicolas about Priesthood session!!!!


Elder Evans

Photo op after the baptism

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