Monday, April 13, 2015

General Conference was Great!

Captain Spencer "Moroni" Evans
Hey so this week was another fast week. This week marked my 4 weeks in the field.WOW. time is flying here and I cant believe how fun its getting every day.

I finally remembered my camera cord so I just downloaded more pics. What happened to the ones I already downloaded they were like all deleted. I was so sad. 

Anyway conference this week was great for some reason as a missionary general conference means more I got more from it. The quorem of the 70 came in swinging. SO many good talks although they are all about temple marrige which is only 2 years away. Yikes:0 

I loved it and I cant wait to talk to you guys soon.
Love,Elder Evans

**Apparently Elder Evans thinks he will be married in 2 years.  Uh! I hope not! :)
Fields that he walks by daily.

Questions/ Answers:

Mom:  How is the language coming along?
Elder Evans: I still have trouble understanding but I can speak and share insights. I am pretty much leading lessons.

M:  Do you help out at church?
EE:  We teach gospel principles and I gave a talk a couple of weeks ago on the spot

M:  Are you a ward or a branch? (Big group or small group?)
EE: We are a ward but they are considering making it a branch because everyone gets baptized then leaves.

M:  So what is the picture of "Frozen" and the "minions" about?
EE: my friend in the mtc gave it to me

Busy day of a missionary

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