Sunday, August 30, 2015


I am officially 19!  Kind of a weird birthday, but it was good anyway.  Thank you to everyone that sent me birthday wishes.  I really liked them and helped my day to be a good one.  This was my first birthday without cake.  I miss cake. Haa! Haa!

Not much of excitement has happened the last few weeks.  I did learn that even tho you don't pay yoir bills on time God protects you so that you can live. LOL My companion seems to forget that he puts the bills in his bag and then we end up paying them late. Thank goodness God is on our side and not the other way around!

Our family that is working on getting married is still working and being strong in the church. It costs a lot of money here to get married so that is why people just live together. But our family is being faithful and working on saving the money to get married. They are a really good family.

Also I have found what it means to truely have the love of god for other people. Some of the Philippine people think it is funny to whistle at American's like they are dogs. It gets me really mad but I try really hard to ignore them. It has really helped me to see how just little thing like a whistle can make someone feel bad and hurt.

My toe is finally getting better and it doesn't hurt much anymore so that was a really good thing this week. Elder Cancel has 5 more weeks left in his mission and is getting really "trunky". It is kind of hard to work with, but I will probably be the same way. :)

Well, that is about it. I love all of you a lot and miss you guys. Talk to you next week.

Elder Evans

ps- no pictures this time. Sorry. :(

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