Sunday, May 22, 2016

Seems like Ol' Times

Dear Family, 

This past week was a good and really wet week. We had a lot of rain but thats what I get for being assigned in the most high zone. I mean that as in the closest to the clouds..hahah

Anyhoo... hahaha not much happened this week. I am really getting a hang of the whole district leader gig but I think that is becasue all of my companions my whole mission have been District leader . The only one who wasn't was Elder Benedict in the MTC but that was because I was District leader there hehe.

On the way to Sagay I got to sit on the top of the jeepney because there was no space inside. It was great to catch the air. Also it felt like a mix between the story book ride at Disneyland and Pirates of the Carribean. IT WAS A BLAST!

We have little success in the area right now but I have big plans to change that in the coming months. I love you guys and I am sorry for no new pictures this past week. I didn't want to risk losing my camera in the rain.

Not much is new. I haven't been able to visit my old area but I plan on doing that this week and there is also a Stake conference so I most definantly will see my old ward there:)

Elder Evans

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