Sunday, May 29, 2016

Love Being District Leader

Hello Family,

Stake President and family from my 1st area
I am on a little bit earlier this week so I will make this short and sweet.  So being District Leader is a blast.  Everything is going great.  My companionship with Elder DeLa Cruz is strong and we are having a blast.

We had Zone Conference this week and then Stake Conference on Sunday.  The Cebu Temple president talked about what it takes to have a temple built in Bacolod and we also had talks on obedience and missionary work.  It was a very, very good conference.

Some of the YW in Ward 1
Let Grandma know that I got the package that they sent.  I got it the day I transferred but I kept forgetting to tell them.  I especially like the sugar cookie flavored Poptarts!! hahaha  Also tell Grandma that my apartment is fine and I am doing great and not to worry.

Tell Meaghen congratulations on her awards at school and tell everybody that I love them.  I am off to play basketball and shopping.

My RC in the striped skirt.  Still strong and faithful

Elder Evans

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