Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mom's Dropping the Ball, But I Love Her Still! :)

Mom note:  I started this blog post and then something caused me to pause/step away for a moment and then forgot that I never sent it.  Sorry to all family and friends that have been reading Spencer's blog faithfully!! :)

District Photo at training meeting

*****Email from 8/07/16**********
Dear Family,

I can't believe Meaghen is in 9th grade. I hope she enjoys it.  I loved high school and I know she will too.
Farewell photo for Elder Clayton
 (white guy in the middle)

Yes Kabankalan sounds familiar because I went there every Monday for P-Day when I was in Tuyom. I am back in the South and I have been assigned in all the south zones in the mission. hahaha

But nothing really is new. The area is not city at all. Nice branch. Love the people.
Baptism of Maycee the day before
I transferred to Kabankalan

Anyway don't worry about me I am doing good out here. :)

Anyway I love you. I am downloading new pics too.

Elder Evans

August 14, 2016
Dear Family,
Me and ward Mission Leader

So I have to give mom a little "what's up"?  I was told you didn't update the blog last week.  Make sure you do it this week or I will only be emailing G&G Evans!! hahah  :)

It sounded like stake conference was a good one so sad that I missed it:) I also have been getting emails about the elections... IS DONALD TRUMP REALLY THAT BAD...? Anyway, not much has happened this week so that is why I am asking about politics. LOL :)   

District Training meeting

I am feeling some "out of my comfort zone" becasue the area I am in is really bukid (Ilango for country/forrest land) and I dont do well in bukid or mountain areas. :)  I do much better in the city.

Me and my companion have been working together to be better together and we worked it out in companionship inventory. ***Mom note:  Companionship inventory is when they take a look at what is working with their companionship and what is not.  And what they can do to fix the things that are not working.***

Things are good here and I will update you when I get info about my return date.  :)

Sorry for the short email but thats it hahah
Pic at the beach
Elder Evans

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