Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day Skype Call

District Meeting
Since we got to Skype with Spencer, he did not send an email. (Which was totally OK with me! :) He looked great and sounded great and was smiling and it was just an all around FANTABULOUS call.

He said that he has 17 investigators and is having a baptism next week.  He is still working on the language but is doing well.  It was so hot and humid over there that when we were talking with him he was constantly wiping his face with his "sweat towel".  He said that this month is the hottest month of the year so he is enduring the heat!

We asked him about the typhoon that hit the islands and he said that his island is sort of protected by the other islands around him so they just get heavy rain from the typhoons, none of the damage that goes along with it.  That was good to hear!!

Six week checkup and training at mission home with MTC group.
We also asked about the "trikes" that he rides and he said it was a motorcycle with a side car that can fit 6 people.  Apparently it is ment for 4 people but the philippines have a saying, "there is room for one more" and they fit as many on as possible.  I would love to see a picture of that!!

Here are the pictures that he sent this week.  I must say, I really like his new hair cut.  Short and spiffy looking!!!

View from the back of the bus!

On the bus on the way to district meeting

Fellow "walkers" along the side of the roads.

Local family pets!

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